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GIS Project Management

How to plan and implement your
WebGIS project?
Which software to choose?
How to show data?

Arctic Geodata offers:

  • Full System Design.
  • Requirements Specifikation.
  • Full Project Management.
  • Follow-up and Quality Assurance.


Spatial Suite

Are you running a
Spatial Suite –based webGIS?

Arctic Geodata has a profound Spatial Suite experience.
We deliver:

  • The entire implementation process from raw data files to final display of data in Spatial Suite themes.
  • Transformation of file data into PostGIS.
  • Management and modification of existing PostGIS bases.



A GIS is only as good as the data it presents.

Do your Geodata fit reality? Are they Quality Assured?
Arctic Geodata offers:

  • Data Modeling.
  • Data Base Implementation
  • Transformation of existing data bases.
  • Clean -up and quality assurance of your Geodata.


Map Service

Arctic Geodata produces:

  • Customized maps.
  • Illustrations for:
    • Reports.
    • Scientific publications.
    • Presentations.